Logistics is becoming more and more complex. Companies without the proper focus and expertise are both overspending and sacrificing service. Hiring a full time logistics professional with the expertise necessary can be very costly, making it difficult to justify but is absolutely required. All of our fees are based on a portion of the savings achieved. Justification is now simple:


Shippers Alliance Advantages


-Logistics expertise with customized systems designed to meet the specific need of each client.

-Operations: Ease of use and overall efficiency/cost control.

-Maintain as much control over logistics as desired

-Truly independent from carriers with no carrier bias.

-Operate in the manner of a contracted employee without employee expenses.

-NO risk. Compensation based on proven savings.


Typical Services Provided


-Routing guides for incoming, outgoing, and third party shipments.

-Communicate and consult with internal departments, suppliers and third party organizations.

-Ongoing monitoring and evaluation of logistics needs and services available.

-Determine proper freight classifications.

-Ensure proper Harmonizing codes for international shipments.

-Loss and damage claims.

-Reoccurring errors (i.e. supplier shipping method)

-Determine carrier for spot shipments.

-Shipment tracing and expediting.

-Assistance with warehousing, packaging, inventory control, order entry, distribution systems, and private fleet.

-Summary reports.

-Perform on call duties for any logistics related matter.

-Addition services as required by client.


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