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Shippers Alliance will analyze your current distribution network and develop a system for improved service and reduced cost. This analysis can include all or a portion of your logistics requirements. We will gather all of the necessary data to include your company’s operational requirements, expected trends, carrier invoices, transportation contracts, and supplier details.


We will use our expertise and knowledge to develop a proposed system specifically designed for your company. The typical logistics savings is 10 – 30%. Our fees are a portion of the proven savings achieved.


Managing Supplier Shipments

Many companies do not focus on managing supplier shipments even though they pay the freight cost for products purchased. This cost can be included in the product price, listed as a separate charge or billed directly by the carrier. Expertise and focus are required to control this cost and ensure operational requirements are met.


Shippers Alliance has the expertise to develop the correct system for your company. We work closely with your supplier management team and are flexible to respond to various needs. The savings achieved can be 40% or greater. Our fees are based on a portion of the savings achieved.



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